Analyze and

AI driven platform. All the business insights you need at your fingertips.

Smart recommendations

Reduce cart abandonment by giving last minute offers or by sending reminder push notifications to your customers. Get insights on why an order wasn’t completed.

Actionable insights

Understand your customers, products, and store traffic to create custom reports with recommended actions such as what type of products could bring more traffic or what marketing campaign to run.

Customer engagement

Showcase product recommendations that can influence purchasing decisions. Understand how long your customers engage with your store and what elements keep them there. 

Super dashboard

All the expert tools and features you need for faster growth are in one place. Receive data-driven analytics to help optimize your store and make effective business and marketing decisions. Give custom permissions to your employees while using the system based on their tasks and responsibilities. You can keep track of your business and manage it from anywhere.

Understand your trends

Find the best selling items in your store, project how fast it sells out and pre-order before the stock runs out. Do a deep scan of your inventory to detect your low converters and make better decisions for running effective marketing campaigns or promotions.

Customer insights

Learn about your customer behavior and what they want. Find the top spenders and their interests to keep bringing them back to your store. Understand how frequently your customers return your items. Understand their interests and recommend custom products on their App home screen.


Get detailed reports of all your transactions, sales, inventory, and customers with just a few clicks. Or set up daily, weekly, and monthly custom reports to be delivered directly to your inbox, including any and all attributes of your business. Yearly tax reports can also be generated straight from your dashboard.

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